At, we believe that every baby deserves a guardian angel. We empower mothers with the knowledge that their little one is safe, even when they can’t be there.

Peace of Mind

We give parents peace of mind during their stressful lives. Our monitor is another pair of caring eyes to watch over your little ones.


Fast video

We understand that lagging videos can be frustrating. Thats why we designed our video to be high quality and low latency.



We believe that security and privacy are the most important aspects of technology. Our monitor is designed with the highest security in mind.

Our Application

Our application allows you to view the baby monitor video stream from anywhere and gives you insights on what your baby was up to when you weren't watching.

Main Features


Live Video

Watch our high quality and low latency video from anywhere, at anytime.



Receive insights of what your baby was up to when you weren't watching.



Be notified when the camera detects something unusual.


Babysitter Access

Give babysitters, nannies, or other people access to the video stream when you want and revoke access easily.

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